Principal Investigator


Liang Li

I am a principal investigator (PI) in the Couzin lab at the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior, Konstanz, Germany. I study collective motion in fish school by artificial tools, including robotic fish and virtual reality techniques. During my Ph. D, I focused on design, control, modeling and optimizing of carangiform robotic fish. Based on the robotic fish platform, energy saving mechanism in collective motion in fish school was systematically explored in both spatial and time scales. I will continue to test this hypothesis in the real fish system and explore further mechanisms in collective motion in fish school by projecting controllable virtual fish.



Liming Chao

Dr. Chao is interested in the interdisciplinary field between animal behavior and flow dynamics. Based on numerical and experimental experiments, he wants to understand how individuals transfer information to their local neighbors by controlling and sensing hydrodynamics to make movement decisions within a group. 



Siyuan Wang

Siyuan Wang is interested in underwater robots and bionic sensing. He mainly focuses on the design, control, modeling, and optimization of microrobots for fish behavior studies. (Co-supervised with Prof. Minyi Xu)


Ruiheng Wu

Ruiheng is interested in developing and applying computer science technologies to study animal behavior. During his Ph.D. training, he will mainly focus on developing the next generation of VR for fish. (Co-supervised with Oliver Deussen and Iain Couzin)



Iain D. Couzin

Iain Couzin is Director of the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior, Department of Collective Behaviour, and the Chair of Biodiversity and Collective Behaviour at the University of Konstanz, Germany. We are working on collective animal behavior using real and virtual robotics.


Daniel Calovi

Daniel has a background in physics but over the years studied many types of collectives at multiple levels (amoebae, fish, lymphocytes, and termites). We are collaborating to study collective behavior using a virtual reality system at Konstanz.


Guangming Xie

Prof. Xie is a professor at Peking University. He is interested in bio-inspired robotics, multi-agent systems, etc. We are working on bio-inspired robotics. 


Turtlebot x 2

Turtlebot is one of our robotic platforms to test sensory-motor control in collectives. 



JetBot is a robot platform for education and vision-based control platform. 


Freenove 4WD Smart Car for Raspberry Pi x 21

Freenove robot platform is mainly for education and one member of swarm robots. 


Raspberry Pi Ai Car Kit (PiCar-X) x 7

PiCar is another platform for education and swarm robots. 


osoyoo Raspberry Pi Robot Car x 25

Osoyoo Raspberry Pi is our new swarm robot platform.